Integrated Cancer Research


ICRF Kenya and Kenyatta Univeristy Present

The 1st Cancer

Research symposium

Join us for an exciting and exhilirating symposium conference where we showcase and highlight the latest research from Kenya and around the world. 


Capacity Building for Molecular cancer research and care in kenya


6 - 8 December 2023


Confucius Institute - Kenyatta University

What is the

Cancer Research Symposium?

Molecular cancer research in Kenya is still in its infancy and presents a unique opportunity to attract curious scientists to the field. This symposium aims to spur innovative thinking, foster collaborations, and promote the development of novel solutions to tackle cancer in the region. The symposium brings together researchers from within and outside Kenya highlighting the latest advances in cancer research from new treatments and diagnostics to cancer vaccines and cutting-edge public interventions. 

Why You Should Attend

Latest advancements In Research

Learn about the latest adavancements in cancer research from both academia and industry.

Network with other professionals

Interact with like-minded other professionals including researchers, clinicians, health practioners and more.

Get feedback on your research

An opportunity to share your research and insights and get feedback on your while learning from others. 

emerging innovations and Trends

Get up-to-date with the emerging and innovative trends in cancer research and be at the top of your field.

Meet our speakers

Join and listen to exciting research from within and outside Kenya as they share and highlight the latest advancements in research in Kenya and beyond.

Kenyatta University

ICRF Kenya

USIU Africa

Mama Ngina University College

University of Cape Town

Moi University

NanoSyrinx, UK

Mt. Kenya University

Our symposium

Sponsors and partners

Our symposium is made possible by the unwavering support from our sponsors and partners.

Kenyatta University

Thermo Fisher

CA Medlynks

F & S Scientific


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